Seminario Teorico: Giuseppe Dibitetto

15 November, 2017 - 14:30 - 15:30
Aula Paoluzi

Dr. Giuseppe Dibitetto (Uppsala)

Title: "About the (in)stability of stringy AdS vacua"

Abstract: I will first briefly review the mechanism of bubble nucleation as a possible instability channel for AdS vacua. Secondly I will discuss it in the specific context of effective supergravity models arising from string compactifications truncated to their closed string sector. By making use of positive energy theorems, I will show that such instabilities do not really occur within this setup.
Finally, I will discuss the relation between the above analysis and the weak gravity conjecture (WGC) and will eventually argue that some expected universal instabilities for non-supersymmetric AdS are crucially linked to the coupling between open and closed string sector.

(Based on 1605.09289, 1611.01395 and 1708.03293)