Seminario Teorico: Pietro Fré

19 December, 2017 - 11:30 - 12:30
Aula teorici

Prof. Pietro Fré (Università di Torino)

Title: Kahler quotient resolutions of C^3/\Gamma singularities and Gauge Theories dual to brane solutions of supergravity.

Abstract: I will review the current status of  an ongoing  research programme  that aims at clarifying the map of Kronheimer like constructions of crepant resolutions of quotient  singularities into gauge theories on brane world-volumes. D=3 Chern Simons theories dual to M2 branes are the focus, but also D=4 gauge theories dual to D3 branes. The astonishing codification of cohomology of the resolved variety in terms of algebraic data of the finite group is put into evidence.