BGOOD (BGO-Open Dipole)

BGOOD (BGO-Open Dipole)

The international BGOOD collaboration is made of about 60 physicists, from Italy, Germany, Russia, UK, Switzerland.

The BGOOD experiment is focused on the study of the excited states of the nucleon (proton and neutron) and in particular on the search of those nucleon resonances, which have not been observed so far.

It is installed at the ELSA accelerator in Bonn: a polarized photon beam, of energies up to 3 GeV, impinges on a H2 or D2 target and produces photonuclear reactions on the nucleon, whose final products are detected in a large solid angle detector. Example of studied photoreaction are:

1.     Pseudoscalar meson (eta and eta’) photoproduction

2.     Vector mesons (omega and phi) photoproduction

3.     Associated strangeness photoproduction K+ Lambda

4.     Associated strangeness photoproduction K0 Lambda

5.    Associated strangeness photoproduction  K0 Sigma+

6.     Excited hyperon photoproduction

7.     Associated strangeness photoproduction K

More details on the physics can be found  in the BGOOD site.

Some Italian members of the collaboration are also involved in the A2 experiment at the MAMI accelerator in Mainz, which is focused on the same physics at energies up to 1.6 GeV with the use of a polarized beam and a polarized target.

Both the two experiments are part of the CSNIII project MAMBO.